Powerful Mind-Body Approach to How You Live & Eat

Lose Weight and Keep It off by Changing Your Relationship with Food.

Research has shown that eating has become a way of habitually coping with stress and other emotions and is the reason why we have trouble losing weight and keeping it off.

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Reduce Stress

Research has shown that day-to-day stress is at the core of unhealthy food choices. Instead of properly dealing with stress from relationships, work, and life in a healthy manner, we turn to food for comfort. We teach you how to incorporate mindfulness and reduce stress.

Eat Healthier

Most of us know the food choices to make in order to achieve our desired weight loss goal. The challenge is usually not from a lack of knowledge but rather, a lack of willpower that is also diminished by stress. We give you the proper tools to make eating healthier a life-lasting choice.

Improve Outlook

The biggest result Weight Balance for Life™ can bring you is not the weight loss but the positive shift in mindset. With mindfulness training, you can have the ability to make the right choices, get rid of unhealthy habits, and tackle any obstacle with an improved outlook on life.