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With eMindful, people and teams have access to a powerful on-demand platform to help improve their well-being. Through live online courses led by experts in the field, each user can create a custom experience based on their unique needs.

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From stress reduction to weight balance and beyond.

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eMindful delivers an ongoing stream of classes aimed at helping people improve their lives in a variety of ways.

Weight Management

A mindful life includes mindful eating. See how more intentional mealtime habits can amplify the emotional and physical benefits of food.

Stress Reduction

By learning how to lower stress in your daily routine, you can open the door to better physical health, emotional wellbeing, restorative sleep, resiliency, and so much more.

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Pain Management


Cancer Recovery

Smoking Cessation


Always Expert Instructors

eMindful programs are created and guided by qualified experts whose experience and credentials ensure real, positive results.

By becoming more connected with our experience moment to moment, mindfulness practice can help us to respond to our environment in a way that honors our needs and supports our greater happiness.

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