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Nearly two-thirds of eMindful users engage in our training and content at least twice per week, discovering ways to reduce stress, eat better and develop healthier habits. More than 4,000 mindfulness studies have shown how attention-focusing practices generate a positive impact on personal health and well-being.

eMindful thrives by activating users, with over 25,167,918 mindfulness minutes tracked since 2010.

25 Million

Real Stories, Real Results

Given the pressures that our employees are under, and the general discomfort about ‘opening up’ in a corporate environment, it was gratifying to watch two consummate professionals maintain a positive and nurturing approach in supporting and engaging our employees. I have had emails from participants thanking our company for putting this series on.

Human Resource Executive

The instructor’s presence alone promoted relief from stress. Taking the time to get feedback and responses from the group made me feel more connected to the instructor as well as everyone in attendance… Most things seem easier when you know you’re not alone.

eMindful class participant

I have learned a tremendous amount in this class. I know that it has been life-changing for me. I know I am a better mother. I know I’m a better wife. I know that I’m a better daughter because of this class. And my goals are to continue using the teachings that I have learned. I can take eMindful’s teachings and never, ever take anything for granted anymore.

eMindful class participant

Right after your class I had to create a fairly complex document on a tight deadline. I had never dealt with this particular type of document before so I’d been feeling anxious and heavy-hearted about it. However, after doing the exercises you taught in class, I was able to quickly decide on the structure of the document, design it, write 1,000 words in five pages, and hum while I was doing it! This is amazing!

eMindful class participant

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Annual Health Savings


Average of $549 decrease in health care claims

Annual Productivity Boost


Typical increase of 47 minutes per week

Annual Productivity Value


Time value of improved focus

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