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Tips for Successfully Working From Home as Offices Shut Down to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Successfully balancing work and home life takes a little bit of time, but making small adjustments to your schedule, environment, and mindset can help. We’ve put together a few tips and suggestions for working from home to help you be your healthiest, happiest and most productive.

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10 Activities You Can Do With Your Kids While On Coronavirus Quarantine

No matter what age group you have at home, mindfulness activities can be an enjoyable part of the day that can help reframe the idea of social distancing into an opportunity to build a deeper connection with yourselves and each other while staying safe, and even continue after this time of self-quarantine ends.

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We saw dramatic drops in stress after the program was over, and we saw a 69-minute gain in productivity of our employees over a year

Mark Bertolini, Chairman & CEO of Aetna

Severe Ski Accident Spurs Aetna CEO to Bring Yoga to Work ›

Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis: Juggling Home Education, Meals and Your Mental Well-Being

As the Center for Disease Control (CDC) continues the conversation about how to best slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus in the U.S., many parents are now finding themselves having to juggle two full-time jobs – being a remote employee and being in charge of their childrens’ education, care, and development.

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How To Stay Connected While Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Drastic and appropriate measures are underway across the world to protect ourselves from the infectious Coronavirus. With remote work and school closure mandates, and emptied stores shutting down, these positive preventive measures can have unintended side effects. Social distancing can lead to isolation, loneliness, and compounded anxiety.

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10 Tips for Managing a Virtual Team and Practicing Mindful Leadership

Leading a remote team may be new for you as increasing tension around the Coronavirus urges businesses to send their employees home. How can you mindfully and effectively guide others as you navigate through this unknown territory?

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Staying Connected in a Time of Social Distancing: 3 Ways Mindfulness Can Ease Social Isolation

Social distancing because of health concerns for ourselves and others is a kind thing to do, but it also can be isolating.

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Coronavirus Anxiety: How to Navigate with Mindfulness

Navigating the uncertainty around the Coronavirus can be overwhelming. We’ve put together free programs created by eM Life to help you and your team manage the stress mindfully.

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Decluttering Your Mind and Space with Mindfulness

Creating Peaceful Spaces with Mindfulness The benefits of mindfulness can be applied to many areas of your day, such as before you begin a stressful meeting or when you’re in an anxious headspace. But mindfulness can also be useful for decluttering not only your mind but also your living space. In both your head and … Continued

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