Mindful Eating

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Mindful eating offers participants an opportunity to enjoy food more, while experimenting with satisfying portion sizes. The class also teaches skills and techniques for dealing with maladaptive eating patterns including emotional, stress, and binge eating. Participants will learn new skills and habits while benefiting from the insights of fellow class participants.

Mindful eating supports weight loss and has been shown to be effective in reducing binge eating. It is a thoughtful approach to healthful eating. Mindful Eating classes offer the potential for personal growth, as well as interaction with others struggling with many of the same issues.

What is Mindful Eating?

  • Awareness of food choices and—through the use of all senses to explore, savor, and taste—choosing to eat food that is both pleasing to the palate and nourishing.
  • Acknowledging responses to food (likes, neutral, or dislikes) without judgment.
  • Learning to be aware of physical hunger and satiety cues to guide your decisions about when to begin and finish eating.

A Person Who Eats Mindfully:

  • Accepts that his or her eating experiences are unique.
  • Directs his or her awareness to all aspects of food and eating on a moment-by-moment basis.
  • Focuses on the immediate choices and direct experiences associated with food and eating, rather than the future health effects from that choice.For example, “I can enjoy my life now…” not, “My life will be better when I’ve lost 40 pounds…”
  • Recognizes the negative consequences of mindless eating.
  • Experiences insight regarding how to achieve specific health goals as he or she becomes more attuned to the direct experience of eating and healthful feelings.

What is the Mindful Eating Class?

  • A step-by-step guide toward creating a healthful relationship with food. Our programs have been developed by mindful eating researchers at Duke Integrative Medicine and by Fred Burggraf, M.Ed. &Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD, CDE, LD.
  • A course that provides participants with opportunities and workbook exercises to examine their thoughts and moods and the impact of these thoughts and moods on their eating behaviors.
  • A program that promotes an understanding and acceptance of emotions, and that provides tools for working with difficult feelings.
  • A guide to the importance of making wise food choices and how to do so on an ongoing basis. Enjoying the process is an essential component to long term success.
  • Each week offers new concepts, themes, and activities to reinforce actual application of mindful eating skills, and weekly workbook exercises are available to further develop the mindful eating skills taught in class.
  • The classes are taught by psychologists and other professionals trained in facilitating emotional and behavioral change; however, the Mindful Eating Class does not involve or offer psychotherapeutic services or treatment.

No. of Classes: Offered weekly

Class Length: 4 hours/month

Format: Live, online program(and access to recordings of missed classes)

Please note: The classes and programs offered by eMindful are intended to be educational and do not constitute any form of clinical treatment.

The eMindful classes and programs offered on this website do not constitute professional medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or services.

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