Mindfulness-Based Diabetes Management (MBDM)

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Mindfulness-Based Diabetes Management (MBDM) is a stress management course designed to meet the unique self-care demands and challenges of living with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.  Research shows that ongoing stress management is essential to achieve optimal treatment outcomes and maintain quality of life for people living with diabetes. Based on the latest research on stress, the mind/body connection, self-compassion, diabetes burnout, and motivating and sustaining healthy behaviors, the MBDM course teaches concrete skills and techniques for managing stress to live well with diabetes.

These include:   

  • Secular mindfulness meditation and yoga practices that systematically cultivate and strengthen our innate “mind/body” resources for self-regulation, resilience and healing. 
  • Specific skills, techniques, attitudes and perspectives that reduce frustration, anxiety, anger, guilt, “diabetes burnout” and depression; while developing self-awareness, self-compassion, motivation, joy, and ease. 

Unlike other stress management courses, MBDM will help you to:

  • Make peace with, befriend and become the world’s leading expert on your diabetes, while growing into your role as respected, appreciated team leader and collaborator with your doctor and other health care professionals on your diabetes care team. 
  • Develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion; and the loving, supportive connections that are necessary to make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes and prevent diabetes burnout. 
  • Maintain life sustaining but often frustrating and burdensome diabetes self-care regimens on top of coping with the normal stresses and challenges of life. 
    Lead an exceptional life, not despite having diabetes, but because of it.

Please note: The classes and programs offered by eMindful are intended to be educational and do not constitute any form of clinical treatment.

The eMindful classes and programs offered on this website do not constitute professional medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or services.


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